Quick & Predictable Implementation

Leave your legacy behind.

Business continuity

We ensure data migration from your legacy systems into the B-SaaS framework keeping in mind your business continuity and need for handling legacy data. Our migration experts will handle this on a turn-key basis with an ability to run your business and seamlessly handle the transition. We also have business parameter migration abilities that allow you to move your business data from the test bed to production at ease. Embrace predictable and affordable implementation project by B-SaaS.


B-SaaS can easily coexist with your current systems. The benefit of our framework allows data movement across various industry standard protocols that ensure that your business process and data are moved across system landscapes if needed. Our unique data management capabilities allow you to move data between hybrid environments. If you have on-premise applications that need to interact with our services the same can be configured and managed easily.

Connectivity to external services

Our architecture allows to connect with standard external services incorporating them in your processes – for example a process that requires connecting to an external web service for credit scoring, can be configured as part of the process instead of developing code for the same.

Fit-for-purpose testing

In B-SaaS implementation we focus on fit-for-purpose testing, that is aimed on the business goals of the customer and not elaborate product testing. We have ensured all testing of our products so you only need to test its fitness for the purpose at hand.

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