Power of Sharing

Reduce cost. Retain edge.


The B-SaaS engine is based on a multi-tenanted model which allows customers to share common infrastructure and core services, while at the same time maintaining their unique profile towards the market.


The cost benefit is provided by the fact that all our underlying systems are capable of handling multi-enterprise, multi-currency and multi-time structures and hence they can co-exist in one infrastructure set up with a clear separation of data and user information between different enterprises.

Retain your edge

B-SaaS allows you to have your own fully independent pricing, risk management and monitoring structures for all your services. You can choose to set your own pricing for different products and choose to have an independent risk calibration and assessment for credit approval. All of this is possible within the multi-tenanted model and you therefore reduce cost but retain your edge.


B-SaaS powers every customer with a standard version of the next generation banking platform. Product enhancements and efforts to maintain regulatory compliance will be shared across the B-SaaS community. This is true multi-tenancy! Join B-SaaS now and you will never walk alone anymore.

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