Online lending platforms

Launch in 4 weeks

We are passionate about providing disruptive technology solutions and domain expertise for financial industry. So we have designed B-SaaS to offer unprecedented time to market for “Challengers” in the industry.

Online lending is an exploding sector in the financial space. Increasingly lending is happening through online marketplaces where individuals or institutions are lending to other individuals or institutions through an online marketplace.

Online lending marketplaces offer a much needed alternative to traditional banking and payment systems. Besides posing healthy competition, they also cater to the underserved with services like consumer lending, student loans, real estate and small-business lending markets.

Marketplaces are popping up aggressively around the world; each brining their unique value to the mix. Some provide very specialized products, others target only a certain customer segment. Whatever be your unique value proposition, you need to enter the market ASAP before someone steels your cheese.

We can be your Launchpad! Through B-SaaS you can launch your online marketplace in 4 weeks.

We offer the following Managed services to you on a private or a closed community cloud available to be consumed on a pay per use model.

Business benefits:


You focus on designing cool products and superior experience for your customers and let us handle the boring stuff


Avoid high IT capital costs and operationalize them. Make IT your competitive advantage.

IT flexibility

Any new IT components your Business needs can be easily plugged into your core platform running on B-SaaS through our >5,500 exposed APIs.

Model Bank: Sign up for the 30 day B-SaaS experience. We promise to come back to you in less than 10 minutes with your own experience platform!