Innovative Retail Banks

Experience Agility.


After the 2008 financial crisis, the market is at last seeing green shoots emerging and banks are bracing themselves for the new competitive landscape that is developing. In these exciting and challenging times:

  • Do you see opportunities in the emerging post-crisis financial sector?
  • Are you exploring new business models to facilitate lending?
  • Does your strategy enhance your competitive positioning against larger and more rigid peers?
  • Is the next item on your wish list “lightning fast time-to-market”?

Banks that don’t take account of future trends could find themselves trapped in the maze of a complex technology transformation and still not achieve the flexibility and adaptability required to compete in the new banking order. Right now is the time to invest in B-SaaS to enable your aspirations to become reality.

B-SaaS Offers You The Competitive Advantage That Retail
Banks Seek And Need: Business Agility

Technology, processes and operations agility

B-SaaS gives you proven business advantages of an agile SOA architecture but with NO investment in insanely expensive infrastructure making it a win-win proposition. It allows you to retain your own business processes around standard core services.

Time-to-market agility

In today’s world, to efficiently launch a new bank service or set up a completely new bank, you cannot afford time consuming, expensive and unpredictable IT projects. Time-to-market agility is essential to launch new products across channels. All this is made possible by subscribing to selected B-SaaS services that suit your needs.

Compliance agility

Since B-SaaS is hosted on a multi-tenanted cloud model, the shared economies offered by B-SaaS supports iterative compliance mandates to be adopted promptly and the costs are shared across tenants.

So leave your legacy behind, focus on your customer relations and let us handle the rest. YOU PRIORITISE while WE SPECIALISE.

Model Bank: Sign up for the 30 day B-SaaS experience. We promise to come back to you in less than 10 minutes with your own experience platform!