Financial Startups

Start operations within 4 weeks.

  • Are you a new banking service provider who is looking to disrupt financial services?
  • Is your focus on solutions rather than products to simplify your customers’ lives?
  • Are you planning to go branchless?
  • Are you an existing financial services provider who wants to do things differently?

Consumers are calling for a new service proposition; they want banks to be their advisors and partners in improving their financial health. They want an agile and an innovative partner who adapts to their needs and if they want banking on digital channels, they would soon expect advisory to be delivered through the same channels.


Our Front office and Channels services are built on a common channel framework that ensures consistent delivery of content, context, offers, products and service seamlessly across channels or devices.


All business processes and products seamlessly accessible across channels. This gives you the ability to go beyond merely launching products in the back-office by enabling their availability to your customers across channels.


Behind the scenes, B-SaaS manages all the complicated core banking processes while allowing you to focus your resources on building great products and engaging your customers with our exciting integrated channel services.


B-SaaS, through the power of technology gives new banking service providers the agility to adopt new and disruptive business models to capture and retain customers.


B-SaaS ensures that you get up and running quickly to capitalize on your competitive edge. Our well-proven implementation model enables setting up of a Greenfield Bank in 4 calendar weeks.

B-SaaS is your partner in delivering value to your customers. Let B-SaaS handle your everyday banking processing while you focus on expanding your delivery and marketing channels using B-SaaS service architecture. The next generation banking platform of B-SaaS will assist you to kick start your new business.

Model Bank: Sign up for the 30 day B-SaaS experience. We promise to come back to you in less than 10 minutes with your own experience platform!