Business Agility

Respond quicker to market needs.

Business driving IT

Business agility is about having the freedom to make your business drive everything including IT. SOA is the Holy Grail for business agility, because SOA is about moving IT from being application-centric to service-centric. SOA is achieved by mapping technology into business-defined, self-contained services that are easily combined, shared and reused. This way, your IT ecosystem is driven by your business needs.

Service-oriented architecture

The banking platform powering B-SaaS is built on well-defined service boundaries. It is closely aligned with the BIAN model ( and definition of SOA. It implements SOA using more than 5500 published web services.

Lightning quick launch of services

The SOA enabled engine makes B-SaaS extremely flexible, allowing easy integration with existing and new systems. This will increase agility and reduce cost. The flexibility of B-SaaS makes it easy to support business objectives and therefore allows you to respond quicker to customer needs.

Handpick your services

Because of well-defined and self-contained service boundaries, B-SaaS gives you the freedom to pick and choose exactly the service you want and as your business evolves you can simply add further B-SaaS services. This will enable you to scale up your business effortlessly.

Invest as you grow

The B-SaaS business model is predictable and structured to support ‘pay-as-you-grow’. Your investment is derived from the B-SaaS services selected and on the managed volume of those particular services. Depending on the market in which you are involved, the cost structure could be pay-per-branch, pay-per-account or pay-per-use.

Retain your edge

B-SaaS comes with pre-packaged business processes available out of the box to support sales, customer service and transaction processing. The unique thing with B-SaaS is that it also allows you to apply your own business processes enabling you to retain your edge and focus on what makes you so special to your customers.

Predictable project setup

Before launching your business on B-SaaS there is a pre-requisite SET UP PROJECT to define your master data, products and pricing. There could also be a need for a MIGRATION PROJECT if you have any existing business information that needs to be loaded into the B-SaaS environment. We can offer safe passage for your projects on a fixed price model after performing a pre-study analysis defining the project scope.

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