B-SaaS Lending

B-SaaS Lending removes a lot of restrictions that normally arise in a traditional lending operation. B-SaaS Lending simplifies much of the lending process. The focus is no longer on inventory and receivables. Recurring Revenue generating capabilities are the prime parameter. B-SaaS Lending provides you a strong platform with a customer focused work flows and UI to handle all lending related operations.

The best part everything is managed on a secured cloud with the Service architecture of the underlying system allowing you to integrate our Lending technology service seamlessly into your enterprise architecture.

The services we offer are:

Loan origination workflows

Credit scoring

Online Credit checks

Agency banking

Capturing business moments

Loan creation and approval

Loan life-cycle management

Loan subsidy management

Loan re-pricing

Loan amortization preferences

Dunning letters and outputs

MIS on loan portfolio

Loan collection and repayment

Non-performing asset management

Collective impairment and individual impairment

Loan data handoffs to collection agencies

Tax handoffs

Credit bureau handoff

Customer output and agreement management

Reminders, Notifications and Alert management