B-SaaS Cards

With consumers exhibiting a growing inclination to use digital forms of currency, efficient card management is essential for your banking operations. B-SaaS gives the technology base to carry out various card related operations. Issue new cards, manage the status of the cards that have been issued and regulate the card limits with the help of B-SaaS Cards.

We offer this on a secured cloud so you can use our Cards system as a pay per use service and avoid expensive capital expenditure in licensing and implementing an on premise software.

The Cards technology services we offer are:

Card Management

PIN Management

Debit Cards

Credit Cards

Pre-paid cards

Card issuer management

Card delivery tracking

Credit card re-payment

Card status management

Card limits management

Credit card re-payment

Credit card limits management

Payment management

Repayment priority for cards

Offer and bonus management

Customer loyalty program

Add-on cards / supplementary card limits

Credit Card cycle management

Card security and risk management

Card hot listing / re-issue / expiry

Overdue tracking and reminders

Transaction file uploads (MasterCard, VISA)

Credit card differential balances

Customer notification and Alert management

Non-performing cards management (statuses and rules)

Customer loyalty program

Data handoffs for DWH

MIS for card portfolio

Card purchase to Loan conversion – EMI loans and interest free loans