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What is B-SaaS?

Banking Software as a Service

B-SaaS™ is a portfolio of Managed services for next generation consumer financial service providers to use on a pay per use basis. B-SaaS managed services are powered by our banking system ConnectCore™.

we specialize, you prioritize

B-SaaS is designed to make your business agile !

Who is B-SaaS for?

Banks and specialized financial institutions

B-SaaS service packages

Managed services for the next generation of consumer financial service providers

Why B-SaaS?

For Business Agility


Simplifying financial solutions


Established in 2005, IDEALINVENT provides solutions through innovative products focused on the banking and financial industry. Our products and services are the result of a collective knowledge and over 150 years of cumulative experience within our senior management team in banking, core bank development and implementation projects.

Our team’s expertise and beliefs distill into a strong identity for our offerings, proving that we truly understand banks, the challenges they face and the solutions they need. We know from many years in the implementation trenches that banks long for a company that listens and understands rather than dictates and imposes.