What is B-SaaS?

Banking Software as a Service

B-SaaS™ is a portfolio of Managed services for next generation consumer financial service providers to use on a pay per use basis. B-SaaS provides you with the agility to meet fast changing market needs while you focus on your business growth.

Who is B-SaaS for?

Banks and specialized financial institutions

Innovative Retail Banks

Startup Banks

Credit Unions

Online Lending Platforms

B-SaaS service packages

Managed services for the next generation of consumer financial service providers






Why B-SaaS?

Truly Digital

Power of Sharing

Business Agility

Quick & Predictable Implementation

Inside B-SaaS

B-SaaS is the first fully functional offering of ‘Banking software as a service’. Our platform is the result of collective knowledge and over 150 years of cumulative experience within our senior management team in banking, core bank development and implementation projects.

Our team’s expertise and beliefs distill into a strong identity for our offerings, proving that we truly understand banks, the challenges they face and the solutions they need. We know from many years in the implementation trenches that financial institutions need a long-term partner who listens and understands as they maneuver through their business. 

PSD2 and Open API

Our API sand-box of 6500+ actionable APIs allow you to collaborate seamlessly with third party (startup) ecosystems and race to PSD2 compliance and make you a Fintech champion.

XLENT, Bank & Försäkring

Stockholm, Sweden

XLENT is our Sales, Implementation and Support Partner in the Nordics. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, XLENT advises financial institutions across Nordics and has successfully delivered a host of projects and assignments to market leading companies and public organizations for many years.